Skilz and Energy is a thinking framework.

It helps us understand ourselves and those around us to help us achieve fulfilment. Fulfilment personally, professionally and for our businesses, the teams we lead, and ultimately our higher purpose.

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Our concept is simple.

We leverage our key intellectual property, the ”Skilz and Energy Matrix”, a monitoring and self assessment framework, that helps individuals and organisations identify what will keep them focused and enriched in the work they do everyday. Being a high energy individual and working in a company that is deliberately designed to cultivate high energy enables organisations to have the impacts they desire.


We help businesses hire, retain and maintain high energy.

Energy is the “not so secret sauce” that start-ups and high growth companies thrive on. High energy people achieve incredible and sometimes impossible things. The framework allows organisations to map their energy and provides the tools to address issues for continuous development and growth both individually and as a business.

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The Skilz and Energy Review offers a structured conversation.

This enables employees and employers to have the conversations that need to be had about what is happening with work, career and their lives that is both positive and energising.
Most progressive companies recognise that the annual employee review process is at best ineffective, and at worst, damages the relationship between employee and employer. As an alternative, the Skilz and Energy Review builds trusted relationships and helps identify what an individual needs, and allows the leader to nurture the unique development of each team member.

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